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The Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme - ACTP

Cynthia Calluori & Associates has a working partnership with the UK based Forton Group. The Forton Group LLC is an organization with a track record of delivering coaching, coach training, facilitation and consultancy in the public, private and charitable sectors. The Forton Group's aim is to grow and develop organizations and people: notably leaders, and the leaders of the future. The Forton Group works with people and organizations who want to improve the way they lead and manage and equips clients with core leadership and management skills to enable this. The Forton Group may be called upon to provide coaches and to use their Coaching Impacts™ tool to measure the effectiveness of coaching .

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As a partner of the Forton Group Cynthia Calluori & Associates are pleased to offer the ICF Accredited Professional Leadership Coaching Program to our clients and via public seminars. This internationally-accredited leadership coach training program provides a systematic grounding in the skills, principles and ethics of leadership coaching. We train motivated and talented people to become coaches, and leaders to be more coach-like in their leadership; fully capable of coaching others to enhance their performance, build their career, and, most importantly, deliver on their leadership potential.

The Professional Leadership Coaching Programme includes four modules which provide professional coach training meeting and exceeding the International Coach Federations Professional Certified Coach (PCC) training requirements.

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Module One: Ignite Leadership Coaching

Module Two: Developing Leadership Coaching

Module Three: Advanced Leadership Coaching

Module Four: The Coach's Journey - Professional Leadership Coaching

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