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Dr. Tony Draper MCC
Queensland, Australia

Tony combines his solid business acumen with the best coaching models to support the delivery of sustainable solutions to his clients.  He has more than 24 years experience with multinational corporations, both as an employee and prefessional coach in Australasia.
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Tony Draper


Yvonne McLean PCC
Auckland, New Zealand

Yvonne is passionate about supporting people to succeed.  She is an experienced Executive Coach and Facilitator.  She is also the Programme Director for the NZ Global Women, Women in Leadership Initiative
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Yvonne McLean


Robyn Freshwater PCC
Queensland, Australia

Robyn is widely recognized for her ability to facilitate change and deliver practical results through the development of highly effective relationships with people and teams
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Robin Freshwater


Nikhil Maini ACC
Mumbai, India

Nikhil has a passion for working with clients who want to develop their organisations and improve performance.  Hi specialty is supporting organisations to implement cultural change through leadership development and coaching.
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Nikhil Maini

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