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Ignite Leadership Coaching Train-the-Trainer (T3)

The Ignite: Leadership Coaching Train-the-Trainer program (T3) is a 5-day comprehensive certification and licensing program which combines the 2-day Ignite: Leadership Coaching course with 3 days of intensive training on the coach approach to facilitation, guidance, and teaching practicum.  

The Forton Group’s T3 program is designed specifically to support coaches and trainers to utilize what they have learned about the coach-approach during the 2-day Ignite: Leadership Coaching course.

The focus is on the trainer learning to embody the principles of our model: presence, trust, accept blend & create, partnership, and possibility, rather than on how to use the facilitator’s guide and when to change the slide. Our T3 enables both rookie and terrifically experienced trainers to delve into the underlying essence of our entire model of coaching, and become breathing embodiments of the Principles so they can facilitate learning.

Key components of our T3:

  • Integrate the components of the coaching model into the trainer’s unique training style
  • Focus on Coach-approach facilitative front of room leadership
  • Focus on Partnership and co-facilitation with colleagues and peers
  • Explore and accommodate different styles of learning with individual, paired, and group exercises, delivered in-person and through follow-up Teleclasses
  • Receive in the moment developmental feedback on material delivery
  • Participate in an additional six hours of mentor coaching in support of their first two deliveries of the 2-day course. The focus of this mentor coaching is on the development of the trainers core coaching competencies and the use of those competencies as part of their distinct and authentic facilitative training style
  • Our T3 Trainers model and support participants to develop and effectively demonstrate the coach-approach facilitative style from the front of the room
  • For organizations running leadership, team-building or associated courses and consultancy and who want to add a coach-training program to their portfolio, a license to run the Ignite: Leadership Coaching program is a cost-effective way of expanding and complementing your product range without the costs of creating and accrediting your own course

Trainers with years of experience who participate in our T3, without fail, remark on the depth and development of their own training facilitation skills. They enjoy the challenges associated with redefining their leadership and training profile, as well as the collaborative camaraderie of their peers. People stepping into leadership and training roles value the blend of self-discovery, practical exercises and feedback, and the ongoing support of the Mentor coaching.

The Ignite: Leadership Coaching T3 program can be delivered internally customized to meet the unique needs of your organization or is available as a public offering throughout the year in North America, Europe and Australasia.

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“In my 28 years as a training professional, including heading training for a large global communication company, I have never experienced such a level of depth and support as I did throughout The Forton Group Train the Trainer process.”

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