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 Team Coaching

Team coaching helps to build and maintain effective and productive teams.  The coach supports the team members and leader to develop the best practices of high impact teams.  The aim of the coaching is to assist the team to create and execute their own solutions.  The responsibility of the coach is to the team process, to support achievement of goals, and to observe the interpersonal relationships and linkages that impact the team's work. 

Team coaching is ideal for organisations who want to: 

  • Develop, launch or enhance a team culture
  • Increase the effectiveness of existing teams
  • Assist teams in crisis
  • Ensure ongoing energy and achievement in high performing teams 

Objectives may include:

  • Empower the team to achieve results and integrate learning;
  • Balance the relationship between tasks and process;
  • Hold the vision of the organisation and team; and
  • Assist the team to align actions with team's/organisation's vison and goals  

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