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United Kingdom and Europe

Helen Caton Hughes PCC
Willoughby, England

Helen is a leadership, performance and careers coach, known for her inspirational and practical leadership development.  She helps people achieve more with less, lead their teams by utilising everyone's strenghts - and get the career breaks they deserve.
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Helen Caton Hughes


Bob Hughes PCC
Willoughby, England

Bob is an experienced leadership coach and consultant, with a successful track record in leadership, people motivation and project delivery over the last 30 years
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Bob Hughes


Sukhy Bains PCC
London, England

Sukhy is an enthusiastic and experienced leadership coach, trainer and consultant.  She started coaching in 2002 after graduating from a psychology degree and then went on to train with 5 top schools in coach training.
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Sukhy Bains


Hilary Oliver PCC
London, England

Hilary is an executive, business and leadership development coach who works with SME companies and public and private sector organisations, supporting the business and personal growth of managing directors and their teams.
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