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 Leader as Coach

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Today’s leaders of customer-focused organizations are no longer positioned only at the top of the organizational chart but also throughout. It is from this new vantage point that today’s leaders are being required to deliver more with less, retain as much business as is won, and create repeatable results faster.

Beyond Training to Support and Results

To meet these business challenges, leaders require support beyond that offered by traditional training programs and management techniques. Realizing the full potential of the organization, its teams and its individual employees, demands that leaders become coaches. Furthermore, a leader as a coach is a model for all team members.

Corporate leader coaches simultaneously focus on results and team development by providing the real-time, in-context support needed to ensure that employees successfully deploy their knowledge, skills, and behaviours. Within customer-focused organizations, employees that truly feel trusted, encouraged, supported are therefore able to act as the customer’s representative to create breakthrough results for their organization.

Coaching moves the organization to the next level by enabling team leaders to actually unleash the results from their team’s pool of individual strengths, skills and talents.

The result?  More results, better results, consistent results delivered more quickly by your teams. 

*New Virtual Offering*

We are proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of our Virtual - Professional Leadership Coach Training Programme with our Virtual - Ignite: Leadership Coaching module on November 4th, 2014 @6pm Eastern.

Listen to Bob Hughes PCC being interviewed by Dr. Janine Brooks about Forton's virtual leadership coaching programme, available now - Click here


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Effective Coaching Skills Training Delivers Better Leadership

New research resulting from a joint project between, The Department of Transport and Main Roads, DraperCo and Christopher Penny from the University of Queensland, demonstrates the lasting impact of high quality coaching skills training for leaders and managers. To receive a high level overview of the findings, please complete the form below:

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