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 Individual Leadership Coaching

"Coaching supports people to get what they want, without doing it for them, or telling them what to do. The coaching conversation is an art, a science and a practice." 
                                                                                                                             The Forton Group 

Individual coaching is for leaders seeking a development path tailored specifically for them. The solution focused, action oriented and collaborative coaching process supports individuals in reaching their full potential.

Individual coaching leverages the Leader's strengths in line with their vision and values for sustainable behavioural change.

The format of coaching sessions varies to meet the needs of the individual and could include face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, shadowing, and/or the use of assessments. Clients are encouraged to contact their coach in between formal appointments.

We contract directly with leaders and/or their organizational sponsors.



 "My level of confidence has raised my enthusiasm and energy is coming back. I am working hard to create a new life for myself, a life that fits better with my strengths and with that what I want."

CEO, European
Manufacturing Industry


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