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Measuring Impacts: Coaching Impact Tool

Coaching Impacts is an online evaluation tool, supported by one-to-one telephone interviews. It pinpoints the effectiveness of individual coaching and coaching programs. The Coaching Impacts survey can be tailored to specific objectives and measure quantitative and qualitative outcomes.

Based on the methodology of Merrill C. Anderson, Ph.D. to measure the ROI of coaching (and used by The Forton Group Ltd with permission) and on the Kirkpatrick four level training evaluation model¹ , Coaching Impacts provides evidence of whether and how coaching and coach training has an impact.

Cynthia Calluori & Associates has a working partnership with UK based The Forton Group Limited (TFG). TFG works with people and organizations who want to improve the way they lead and manage and equips clients with core leadership and management skills to enable this.  Cynthia Calluori & Associates uses their Coaching Impacts™ tool to measure the effectiveness of coaching and coach training in client organizations. 

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™ The Forton Group Ltd

  ¹Evaluating training programs: the four levels D.L. Kirkpatrick; 1994.

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